Anmum  is maximising the use of a gift with purchase by offering a Custom Printed Bag in the local market of Vietnam. Especially for families looking at a tremendous amount of brands, this promotional tactic is working great at engaging customers. Other than POS displays, learn from Anmum Vietnam how to market in a competitive environment like in a  big supermarket.

Custom Printed Bag

Custom Printed Bag

The promotional bag is printed with the company’s name and many other lovely family-friendly prints. It is also wrapped up and placed on the top shelf as a sample piece for customers to look at.

Custom Printed Bag

Custom Printed Bag

What Are The Benefits You Bring To Your Brand With A Custom Printed Bag?

  • Brand Conversion – As GWP is only for a limited time only, it will certainly motivate the customer to act and buy now. So, customers will be more motivated and enticed to choose the brand just to obtain the complimentary gift bag as the offer is now seen with greater value.
  • Reap Greater Sales – GWP creates purchase intent in customers. Hence, pushing customers to purchase even though it might not be necessary or what they would buy normally. By focusing more on the type of free gift to give away, it can yield higher sales. Brands can also consider using catchy brand packaging design  as first impressions say a lot about your company’s image
  • Customer Loyalty – By constantly releasing such promotional offers  to the targeted audience, companies can communicate this in their newsletter and social media platforms to inform everybody. This can expand customer base as awareness is spread across. Also, it will certainly create a loyal consumers that will support your brand. What a great way to strive for productivity!


Other Suggestions For Your Next Promotional Campaign

Your custom printed bags can be used in many ways within a promotional campaign. You can use them as:

  • Redemption Prizes – While stocks last, this will invoke multiple and frequent purchases so that customers can redeem their desired prizes. Also, redemption prizes are cost-effective, and easy, to implement. This is definitely appealing for people who are up for a challenge to collect the most stamps!
  • Contest Giveaways – this method of promotion has many prizes available for customers to win so it will attract a wide range of people. With many great prizes to be won and luck in play, many people will give it a go.
  • Purchase with Purchase Promo – To purchase something at a discounted price is seen as a good deal for many, given that a higher priced product is now cheaper. Why not try this promotional method if you have enough marketing budget to spare?


Overall, At ODM Group, our products designers will put together high quality designs for your company. Also, we have extensive knowledge in manufacturing promotional items for various industries. So feel free to contact our team today!


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