A Custom Cooler Bag is a fantastic promotional item to offer customers as they are practical, enhance your product and have a large space for brand marketing.  Denim company Lee has teamed up with Japanese tea company Kitagawa Hanbee to produce this awesome denim cool bag to store tea in. See their custom cooler bag design!

We love this Cooler Bag Design – it is sophisticated, timeless and a classic print. Customers will receive this custom promotional merchandise when buying 4 bottles of the tea.

Beautiful Cooler Bag Design for Tea Customers

Beautiful Cooler Bag Design for Tea Customers

The bag itself has both the Lee Logo and Kitagawa Hanbee. Both companies have opted to have their branding very minimalist on this, which makes for a more sophisticated design. Personalized promotional products such as this are a great way of incentivising customers to make impulse purchases as they will think they are getting more for their money.

Founded in 1861, producing Uji green tea for over 150 years. Kitagawahanbee Syouten devotes passion to always creating a high quality tea that’s both faithful to tradition and flexible to the needs of new generations at the same time.

Beautiful Cooler Bag Design for Tea Customers

Beautiful Cooler Bag Design for Tea Customers

 Why we like this Cooler Bag Design:

  • Great Giveaway Idea: This product would be a great corporate giveaway idea as it has a large space to put your brand name. Custom promotional giveaways can be the perfect way to propel your business to great success. Custom promotional giveaway items can be tailored to your business branding. Also by giving your client something for free, you create a relationship which retains intrigue from the get go.
Beautiful Cooler Bag Design for Tea Customers

Beautiful Cooler Bag Design for Tea Customers

  • Practical: This cooler bag, seen in a Hong Kong store, is perfect for taking to the beach, trekking the hills of Hong Kong and going down to a park with. All the while showing off your brand name and exposing both existing and new customers to you! A win win for all. For a one-of-a-kind innovative product, check out this cooler bag seat with logo!
  • Loyalty: Give back! Happy customers will maintain loyalty to your brand. Offering products that a potential customer will actually enjoy, and find use of is how to make an effective promotion. This will also help build success and crucial recognition via word of mouth and various other social channels. Not to mention the free advertising from putting the ‘Lee’ and ‘Kitagawa Hanbee’ logo on the cool bag. For such a low cost extra, the customer really feel like they are getting something more with this product.
  • Competitive advantage: Promotions are an essential part of making profit. This will put you one up against your competitive brands! Just take a look at Hitejinro’s cooler bag giveaway:

In conclusion, whatever custom cooler bag design you might want to use, we’re confident that it will help greatly in your brand promotion. So, don’t hesitate to try these proven ideas on your next brand campaign. Along with a Cooler Bag Design, why not look at offering your customers a promotional towelpromo plush toys or custom water bottles to maximize brand presence!

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