This cooler bag giveaway from Hitejinro is definitely winning customers in Asia!  Customers will receive a mini cooler bag for every purchase of their Black Stout Beer Ice Bucket Promotion Package that contains 12 cans of 355 ml of can of beer.

Cooler Bag Giveaway - Clever Drinks Promo in Asia by HitejinroCooler Bag Giveaway – Clever Drinks Promo in Asia by Hitejinro

As a gift with purchase, the custom cooler bag adds an exciting element to the promotion. It is relevant in that it is related to the main selling product. In addition, the offer will definitely be useful for beer lovers as it will keep their drinks cool all day long.

As we can see from the picture, the brand used a rubber embossed label for a sporty and casual feel. This is a good choice of material as rubber is sturdy and does not wear off easily.


Why Cooler Bag Giveaway?

  • Practical: Cooler bags are useful and can be used for any outdoor activities. They can be used for camping, beach, and parties. Not only can customers use them to keep drinks cold, but they can use it to keep frozen food. Practical items such as this branded cooler bag will definitely expose customers to the brand.
Cooler Bag Giveaway - Clever Drinks Promo in Asia by Hitejinro

Cooler Bag Giveaway – Clever Drinks Promo in Asia by Hitejinro


  • Compact and Easy to Carry: Hitejinro’s cooler bag giveaway is just the right size and is easy to carry. Customers can easily bring it during music fest, at the beach or at home party. This means more people will surely get to see the brand. This could also become a great opportunity to start conversations about this wonderful customer giveaway.


  • Easy to Customize: Companies can get creative with cooler bags. Colors and sizes can be customized to match their branding requirements. Plus, clients can choose whatever material and branding and printing methods to use. Given the fact that coolers are often used outdoors and are constantly getting wet, manufacturers may opt to use embossed rubber label -like Hitejinro did in their cooler bag giveaway- to keep their branding long-lasting.


What did we learn from this example? The use of cooler bag giveaway was definitely a success. Customers were able to go home with an additional incentive for their purchase while the brand was able to raise sales and cement their relationship with their market.



One thing we noticed, Hitejinro could have made the presentation better with a custom POS display. From the picture, we can tell that merchandisers stacked the bags atop piles of boxes. The overall presentation lacked visual impact and we’re afraid customers might overlook the products.

Cooler Bag Giveaway - Clever Drinks Promo in Asia by Hitejinro

Cooler Bag Giveaway – Clever Drinks Promo in Asia by Hitejinro

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How ODM Can Help

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