Buying Office Visit – Hong Kong To Zhuhai By Bus

“Early bird catches the worm,” – before the sun could rise –  we started the day off at 5.30 AM, to take the bus from Hong Kong to Zhuhai for the buying office visit. Took a walk from the hotel through the wet markets. The stalls were buzzing with life as respective store owners were making early preparations for the incoming morning crowd.

While walking through the alleys of the fish market, locals were transporting styrofoam boxes of the fresh haul that was brought in from the fishing port.

buying office visit

Fish Market

Butchers chopping meat in the early morning to prepare for the morning bustle.

buying office visit

Butcher’s Shop

Delivery of newspapers to various stores around the city.

buying office visit

Newspaper Delivery

As the bus system was newly implemented for the Hong Kong Bridge and Fast Train, signs were temporarily placed. There are many routes available – Direct (Available in the Daytime & Latenight) and Interchange Routes (Only in Daytime) – that will take you from the respective Urban areas in Hong Kong → Terminal 1 → Terminal 2 → Port  → Airport (GTC) Bus Terminus.

buying office visit

Hk to Zhuhai HK Port Bus Notice

Moreover, there is a new express bus available from Admiralty (W) to HSR West Kowloon Station. Scan the quick response (QR) codes to learn more about it!

buying office visit

Notice for Express Bus to HSR West Kowloon Station

Boarded the bus E11 at 5.50AM along the bus stop stand (Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong street) to take the shuttle bus across the bridge to Zhuhai.

buying office visit

Bus E11 to Port

Have reached the port for the shuttle bus to Zhuhai: this is Drop off point for buses.

buying office visit

Bus Stop Stand

The timetable and routes for buses.

buying office visit

Route & Schedule of Bus

The morning crowd making their way to purchase bus tickets to Zhuhai!

buying office visit

People on their way to Ticketing Stations

People can view the prices stated on the display stand. Prices are split into daytime and nighttime – cheaper for children, elderly and people with disabilities.

buying office visit

Ticket Prices

The queue is starting soon with the help of staff members to guide people on the use of self-help kiosk to purchase their bus tickets.

buying office visit

Self-help Kiosk

Bus tickets secured – time for the bus ride down to Zhuhai!

buying office visit

Tickets Bought

Here’s a view of the entrance to the bus station.

buying office visit


There were not many passengers which made the buying office visit trip in the bus peaceful and spacious. There was also plenty of leg rest space available with seats that are ergonomically designed for long comfortable rides.

buying office visit

Inside the Bus

There is also a TV set available for entertainment purpose as there is no wifi service.

buying office visit

Television for Entertainment

buying office visit

Clear Traffic at the HZM Bridge

buying office visit

A View of the mega Bridge from Bus Window

The route was approximately 40-50km long. The shuttle bus service has been opened for one week and yet there is no heavy traffic disrupting the flow. Below is a GIF of the scenery during the bus trip to Zhuhai:

buying office visit

GIF of Bus Trip

After about 3 hours, we have reached Zhuhai. Cleared the customs and made our way down to the taxi stand.

buying office visit

Reach Zhuhai


buying office visit

Customs Clearance

Got into a cab and headed to buying office ODM Office in Zhuhai. Below is a GIF during the taxi ride!

 buying office visit

Taxi Ride to Office

buying office visit

ODM Zhuhai Office

Overall, the buying office visit was more convenient as travelling from ODM Office in HK to Zhuhai became easier. Do read our blog about crossing China Mega Bridge by Hong Kong to Zhuhai bus to learn more about travelling via HZMB.

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  3. Promotional Headrest Covers/Cushions – Interactive and colorful designed headrest covers can pique riders interest during the long rides. Moreover, branded cushions can bring comfort yet promote any brand’s ongoing promotional campaign. Take a look at how Comfort and CityCab in Singapore does it!

Taxis in Shenzhen doing the same!

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