Everyone travels via public transport such as buses, planes, and taxis. In this post, we will learn how to properly promote your brand using a custom headrest cover.  What materials should you use?  Which add ons can work?   Does your budget extend to interactive?

This custom headrest cover is used in public transport on buses in China. Also, it is advisable to cover all the headrest on the bus/plane with this custom headrest. The passengers will see the advert every time they’re on the bus or plane.  This marketing campaign helps promote the brand to the public.

Promote Your Brand With This Custom Headrest Cover

Promote Your Brand With This Custom Headrest Cover

How to Effectively Promote your Brand with these Custom Headrest Cover?

  • Choose the best bus/plane route –  First of all, instal these headrest covers on busy routes. This guarantees marketing success for the brand.
  • Play with the design – Use colourful and attractive graphics. This ensures that customers spend time on your advertisement.
  • Create an Interactive Ad – Finally, create an interactive advertisement. This could keep the commuters busy while riding the public transport. You can even use this custom headrest cover to promote an ongoing promotion. Check out this headrest from Venetian Macau that promotes the hotel’s gift with purchase.

Why do we love this Custom Headrest Cover?

  • Customisable – Easily create a headrest cover according to the brand’s needs. Manufacturers use various materials for the cover. Actually, if it fits your marketing budget, you can do an all-out marketing led display to really capture the consumers’ attention.
  • Effective Campaign – What we love about this campaign is its effectiveness. Since hundreds of people are exposed to the brand every day with this campaign, as a result, this headrest cover creates a huge potential for each brand.
  • Easy to Install – Definitely, this cover installs easily on bus or plane headrests. Therefore, it can easily be produced and used on various transport lines.
  • Cost – Effective – Basic custom headrest cover won’t really hurt your budget. Hence, we highly recommend trying on this super effective campaign. If you’re curious how much should you prepare to realise this campaign, feel free to contact the ODM team. They’re always ready to answer any marketing and promotional – related questions

Overall, we love the custom headrest cover due to its mobility. It increases brand exposure and helps greatly in brand promotion. Again, for questions or queries, please contact us anytime.

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