Advertising technique #1 : the head rest advert!

On my way to the Venetian Casino in Macau to visit the Top Marques Supercar Show I spotted a very interesting advertising message. To get to the Casino from the Ferry port you can take a free bus. In this bus, behind every seat head rest was attached an advertisement for a promotional gift campaign organized by The Venetian. It was very efficient as nobody could not notice the advert. What’s more the bus only stopped at The Venetian so they were sure to be targeting future customers.

Advert for Venetian Gift with Purchase

Advertising technique #2 : a mobile advert!

The advert on the head seat promoted a gift on purchase campaign. For each 1000MOP spent in The Venetian you get a free limited edition shopping bag. The bag was black and branded with the golden Venetian logo. This too struck me as  a great idea.  Each bag was a new advert for The Venetian Casino and what’s more a mobile one!

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