Macao is an island which is known for the number of Hotels & Casinos you can find on it. When you arrive there, the restaurant and bar staff try hard to get you into their workplace, by free coaches and gifts such as this fan given by the Venetian Hotel :

Promotional Product Macao - Fan by the Venetian Hotel Casino

Promo Product Macao – Fan by the Venetian Hotel Casino

This fan also promotes a big event held in the Venetian Hotel-Casino, the Ice World. Ice World is Asia’s biggest indoor ice exhibition! Occupying more than 1600 square meters, within a room at  -8°C!

As you can tell this is huge event, and promoting it with these fans is a great idea, especially considering the time of year. Actually, this is really a simple gift, but given how hot it is in Macao, this giveaway will certainly appeal to people.

Besides, the fan is branded so people will read what is written on it, including thhe Venetian logo, so this is fantastic for brand recall.

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