Promo Figurines are great products to give away to commemorate the opening of a new service or property. Here is an example of the long term marketing impact of such gifts..

Hooters casino Las Vegas opened 5 years ago in 2006, offering a gift to visitors for their grand opening.  The item is a bobble head doll figurine featuring a Hooter’s girl in their signature uniform standing over a black jack table.

This makes it a great display item to keep at home as a souvenir.   With only 3500 pieces given away, this helps to create exclusivity among customers – thus increasing perceived value of the items.

Collectors would also be tempted to buy this collectors memorabilia, making this an excellent promotional product to be remembered for a long period by Hooters & general Americana fans.

Hooters Casino Promotional Products

Info on this promo submitted by website – How to Beat Casinos. Notice that promotional products fall under this category – just walk in the door and you are already a winner by getting promo gifts.

In this case, the Promo Figurine is made from Polyresin just like our Stadium Replicas. For a different outlook mascots could be made in plastics or a whole host of other materials.

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