To celebrate its 125th anniversary, Coca Cola roped in world renowned comic illustrator James Jarvis along with major fashion brands like Head Porter, G Shock, Native.  These partners have worked to design a special range of exclusive gifts for fans.

Coca Cola x James Jarvis Can Designs

The collection consists of a whole range of promotional merchandise from messanger bags, T-shirts to watches, iPhone/iPad cases. This collection will only run on 125 pieces per item, making them extremely limited. 

Promo Mechanism: Hold on to the receipt every time you spend a minimum of HK$ 40 when purchasing of any Coca Cola items at supermarketsWellcome, Park N Shop, Vanguard, Jusco or convenience stores – 7 Eleven, Circle K or Vanko.   Redeem these limited edition premiums at Juice for a set price. The promotion has now finished and there was an overwhelming turnout at Juice for redemption

Besides Juice, 7 Eleven outlets nationwide are also running an ongoing promo campaign with this collaboration. Buy 3 bottles of Coca-Cola; then add HK$ 19.90 and customers are able to redeem a tote bag only exclusive at 7 Eleven.

Coca Cola x James Jarvis PWP at 7 Eleven

Creating a collection of limited edition apparel with famous brands shown here is a smart marketing move by Coca Cola – All are easily redeemable and desirable. The ease of these mechanisms encourages many teenagers and fans of the brands to make purchases in order to get their hands on these chic designs.

Making a fashion statement like this is a huge achievement for the beverage brand, allowing high visibility on the road for each product as recipients wear them out proudly. This sense of privilege created will also translate to valuable word of mouth advertising from flaunting to friends etc. All the items are in the brand’s signature colours of red and white, making them highly distinctive

Recently, we have been writing a lot on brand collaborations/co-branding involving design expertise. This comes to show the recent trend in marketing – infusing design with promotions to achieve ideal results (look at G.O.D example).

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