Get ‘caught’ buying Coca-Cola products in Singapore and win.   Use participating vending machines and stand a chance to win prizes from Coca-Cola and People’s Association (PA) in Singapore!

Each set of prizes consists of 1 Coca Cola container, 1 handphone cover, 1 PA Cable Winder, 1 PA earphone and 1 PA pouch.

Coca-Cola & PA Promotion

ODM likes this promotion because this is one way for drinks companies to collaborate and connect with their clients. Such proactive promotion by Coca-Cola and PA is effective as it actively involves customers to become participants. This is an interesting way of boosting Coca-Cola sales and promote active involvement with PA’s activities.

Suggestion: We think it may be interesting to have our 4-in-1 Coolzee to come along with it.. It will be practical to use after buying a can of drink from the vending machine.

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