Walking around Chinese market it’s easy to see there are currently many on pack promotions in the supermarket. It’s best for a promotional product to be useful, like the below sprayer and the tissue being offered by Coca Cola.


On pack promotion creates reusable bottles

Coca Cola's on pack promotion sprayer

Coca Cola’s on pack promotion sprayer

The eye-catching promotional set of the Coca Cola on pack promotion is a sprayer. It’s displayed well on the shelf in aisle when the customer is walking along. If the customer buys one bottle of coke and juice then they will be able to get one useful sprayer for free. The sprayer is not disposal, it can be put onto the empty bottle and used to water the flowers after you drink up the coke and juice. You can brand it on the available printing area, colors of the sprayers can be customized by different client’s requirements. So Coca Cola’s on pack promotion of the sprayer is a great advertising strategy to capture customer’s attention and boost brand recall.

Two brands promote this campaign which can boost sales volume and benefit both sides, a win-win strategy. The timing of this promotion is limited also for every season.  Your brand awareness will be more visible and known once you cooperate with Coca Cola, as it is a famous brand.


Coca Cola's on pack promotion of tissues

Coca Cola’s on pack promotion of tissues

Nowadays people are increasing their environmental awareness, it’s a key point to be considered for every marketing campaign. So the sprayer is a great drinks promotional idea for companies that would like to have a giveaway which leans towards a more cost-effective and applied product.

Besides the sprayer set promotion, buy one bottle of Minute Maid juice also can get one free tissue pack. This is also an excellent marketing strategy which can boost your sales volume compared to others who don’t have any marketing campaign.



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