The Bank of East Asia in Hong Kong is launching it’s newest i-Titanium Card along with a special pack of trendy promo gifts. If your company is about to advertise a new product then this is an appealing marketing approach.

Please view below visual of BEA’s trendy promo gifts:

Trendy promo gifts to be won with BEA's card

Trendy promo gifts to be won with BEA’s card


What lures people to get the i-Titanium credit card?

To encourage card members to charge credit to their BEA’s Credit Card, if you are someone who just applied for the card successfully and signed up charging a minimum of  HKD 6,500 within the first 3 months to your BEA card, then one of the four free high-end promotion gifts will be at your choice. As you can see in the picture.

  1. 20 inch simply style foldable bike, reference retail price HK$ 1,599.
  2. Lomography Diana Mini camera, reference retail price HK$788-HK$988.
  3. WD external hard drive with password, reference retail price HK$ 520.
  4. You can choose to the i-Titanium card to purchase goods online market with 10% discount.
Trendy promo gifts to be won with BEA's card

Trendy promo gifts to be won with BEA’s card


Offering marketing products to customers would help attract sales for BEA. Card members would be enticed by the promotional gifts offered and charge more to their cards in order to be entitled to the trendy promo gifts. This would definitely help boost sales for BEA.


Promo gifts make your brand more visible!

Branding is a must on promo gift, in this way more consumers are aware of your brand recall and existing customers will be reminded of BEA. You are generous to offer high value products and feel satisfied to make such a worthy deal.


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