Credit card redemption schemes are a great idea to offer your loyal customers. Here Bank of China are offering customers the chance to redeem a Power Tube mobile phone charger with a minimum spend of S$700 with your Bank of China credit card.

Bank of China Credit Card Redemption: Power Tube

Bank of China Credit Card Redemption: Power Tube

What’s great about these power tubes is that they are small and are available in 6 different colours for you to choose from, meaning you’ll be spoilt for choice. These promo power banks are used to store power and charge mobile phones via a cable when the mobile phone’s battery is low.

Credit card redemption gifts and how can they can be advantageous for your brand?

  • Practical. Power banks are extremely practical in the everyday lives of the mobile phone user. They are portable and convenient for people to carry round as a backup power source, meaning no need to worry about it taking up too much baggage space.
  • Branding potential. This product may also be branded with your logo to increase brand awareness and boost brand recall on the outside faces of the bank. Power banks will often be used, meaning your brand will be shown to however passes the user, and this facilitates free advertising every time the power tube is used and will further promote the marketing of your company.
  • Brand value. Power banks at times can be quite expensive. Therefore offering a purchase gift that is more expensive will hold more value, and customers will not mind spending S$700 on purchases to obtain it. The customer will also view your brand positively and will most likely stay with your brand in the future.  Also given as a free gift with purchase it will utilise your brand potential.

Here at ODM we specialise in designing and manufacturing promotional power banks for all. If interested in creating your own, feel free to contact us for more inspiration and ideas!

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