Best Trendy Gifts For Employee Appreciation

Tired of the usual gifts for employee appreciation? When it comes to corporate gifts, one should consider the functionality, design, and, most importantly, its relevance to your industry.

Whenever a company experiences success in any industry, the credit is usually given to the top of the chain. For example, the CEO might be credited with helping their company improve sales figures. However, it is important to know that the company’s employees are an integral part of a company’s success and that it is important to show them the appreciation they deserve.

Gifts For Employee Appreciation

Gifts For Employee Appreciation


There are benefits to giving your employees gifts. Gifts can help to improve the morale of your employees and help to drive performance. The below products will also make great promotional ideas for loyal customers.


So, What Are Some Great Gifts For Employee Appreciation?

Cashmere Scarves

A scarf would be a great gift for your employees because they are trendy and practical. Your employees will be able to wear them in the office when it’s cold, or when they go out with their friends and families.

Gifts For Employee Appreciation

Cashmere Scarf – Gifts For Employee Appreciation


Aside from scarves, another great option is cooling neck wraps as a corporate souvenir. It’s perfect for year-end parties as well as for summer promotions. Here’s an example:


Stress Balls

Give the gift of relaxation to your employees. A stress ball is affordable, yet has one of the best uses. The branded stress ball would help them to relieve fatigue from work, and improve performance in the office. Furthermore, we can customize the stress balls to suit each employee!

Gifts For Employee Appreciation

Stress Balls – Gifts For Employee Appreciation


We have previous experience in manufacturing promotional stress balls for businesses. Check out this cool promo gift idea – color-changing stress balls:


We also worked on a keychain stress toy in the shape of a ship. This one is suitable for freight promos and companies in line with logistics and shipping:


A great addition to our promotional stress balls, we would like to introduce this new fun promotional gift idea. These bubble-popping fidget toys imitate the actual sound of a bubble wrap. Learn how its unique feature became the latest craze for many people today through this blog.


Phone Holders

With a custom phone holder as a gift, your employees will be able to perform important functions, such as texting, locking and unlocking their phones, and putting it on voice-to-text, without having to pick up their phone. This makes it the perfect addition to any desktop! You can use custom shapes to highlight your brand image. Great way to boost branded tech promo!

Gifts For Employee Appreciation

Phone Holders – Gifts For Employee Appreciation


Here’s another phone holder design idea for companies with a limited marketing budget. Simple and cost-effective, this item will definitely make wonderful corporate gifts for clients and employees, without sacrificing your year-end marketing budget and the quality of the products. Check this one out:


To elevate your employee’s experience, we have added this phone holder with logo to our list. This 2-in-1 product can provide great convenience as employees can now enjoy a phone holder with a built-in power bank. Learn more by reading through this blog.


Custom Power Banks

Power banks are among the most wanted gifts today. With almost everyone having a smartphone, having a power bank would mean that your employees can charge their devices on the go. How perfect!

Gifts For Employee Appreciation

Power Banks – Gifts For Employee Appreciation


When it comes to customizing such products, there are plenty of options. You can create bespoke shapes or give the product additional functions. One good example is the emergency charging notebook that combines the functionality of a traditional journal and the efficiency of a power bank.

For a more high-end employee gift, you may choose to put together a power bank gift set. Take a look at DHL’s custom power bank gift set for some design inspo!

We also suggest using your company mascot or other related brand visuals to increase engagement. For instance, mirror power bank for the cosmetic industry; charging teddy bears for kids, and power bank with a stackable solar panels for green marketing.


Other Popular Gifts for Employee Appreciation:


A timeless gift for your hardworking teammates! Get your brand printed on the cover. A branded PU notebook with a card pocket is a 2-in-1 product that could help them list down important appointments and organize cards from clients and business partners.



Employees will appreciate gifts that they could use every day. Bags are ideal employee gifts because they can be used for work, running errands, and gym. And with green marketing becoming a trend, giving away custom eco-friendly bags will definitely start meaningful conversations about sustainability and your brand.


Promotional Pens

Light up your brand wherever you go with Customizable LED Light Pens! Or give your office mates 2-in-1 customizable USB pens to improve efficiency in the office! Countertop pen holders are also an excellent promotional office supplies idea as employees can put them up on their desks and reception area.


Retractable Phone Charger Cables

No more messy desks and drawers with retractable phone charger cables as corporate giveaways. Also, the logo and brand can be printed on the sides for visibility! Custom cable organizers and custom-shaped cable organizers would keep office tables free of tangled wires.


Card Holder

A branded cardholder could help organize call cards, ATM and credit cards, and identification cards. Emboss/deboss your brand on the leather or PU cover for a high-end feel.


Retractable Badge Reel

Cost-efficient and high-utility, badge reels make for great corporate promotions gifts. Employees will surely love the functionality and the uniqueness of this product.


Leather Products

Leather products, such as bags, wallets, and notebooks, also act as a great gift for your employees, due to various factors. These leather products are practical, as your employees will be able to use them to take notes and keep their valuables, among others. Furthermore, these leather products are also of high quality and give off a classy feel. Read more on our blog on Vietnam leather suppliers!


Paper Clips

Custom paper clips shaped in your logo are a great way to promote your brand and boost awareness. Employees will find this product very useful when they need it to compile documents together.


How Can ODM Help?

Would you be interested in getting these unique gift ideas for your employees? If so, feel free to contact The ODM Group today! Don’t forget to quote the product codes ODM-1732 for the Cashmere scarf, ODM-172 for these stress balls, ODM-1439 for the mobile phone holder, and ODM-1927 for the power bank. Together with our design agency, Mindsparkz, we will help you create packaging that suits your brand.

While most of our projects involve high-quality marketing gifts and premium corporate gifts, we can also help with something simple yet practical and effective on-pack merchandise. Our team specializes in product sourcing and manufacturing promotional giveaways and superb POS displays for the retail sector.

Would you like to know more about how we can help? Then, click the “Inquire Now” button on the right side of the screen so we can get started with your next project.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are Some Trendy Gifts for Employee Appreciation?

Cashmere scarves, stress balls, phone holders, and power banks.

Can We Customize Gifts for Employee Appreciation?

Definitely! We offer a wide variety of customization options, and we will make sure that we create a product that suits your promotional needs.

What Are Other Popular Gifts for Employee Appreciation?

Notebooks, bags, promotional pens, retractable phone charger cables, cardholders, leather products, and desktop items.

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