My Spa offers customers a chance to bring home their best foot cream plus a pair of soft and fluffy socks. The spa gift set is definitely a great way to give your clients the gift of relaxation at the comfort of their home.

My Spa Gift Set Aims To Bring Relaxation Into The Comfort Of One's Home
My Spa Gift Set Aims To Bring Relaxation Into The Comfort Of One’s Home

Have you ever thought of relaxating within the walls of your home? Well, My Spa promotional gift set has got you covered. The brand offers a lot of stuff from hand creams to foot lotions. They also produce pocket-friendly yet high-quality cosmetics which are a good alternative to big and expensive items from other popular brands.


What is inside the My Spa Spa Gift Set?

My Spa labels this amazing on pack promo as “Foot Retreat”. The foot retreat comprises of 1 bottle of My Spa foot cream and a special edition pair of soft socks.

The socks are made from high-quality fibers that are light, soft, and insulating. Also, My Spa socks are cool in the summer yet warm in the winter. Therefore, My Spa only offers you the best kind of socks in the market today.


Why do we love this My Spa Gift Set?

  • Great Packaging – The pack serves as the lotion and sock packaging. It looks really good because customers are able to see what’s inside the on pack offer, stirring their interest and eventually driving them to finally purchase the item. Also, the minimalist flower details exude a spa-like vibe, which makes it even more effective in communicating their brand message.
  • Premium Freebie – Another awesome thing about this gift set is the promotional socks. My Spa ensures that they are only providing the best promo gift for their customers and loyal patrons. After all, this gesture leaves a good impression on the customers.
  • Customisable – As a marketing enthusiast, what we really love the most about this promotion is its flexibility when it comes to design and customization. Whenever a brand customises its products, it helps customers recognise and remember the brand.

If you can’t get enough of gift sets, please check out another premium set below:

We certainly love this gift set as the packaging design by Aussie Winter Miracle design complements the brand image and the products they are selling. Moreover, the customer incentive included in the pack gives customers more reason to look forward to their next gift set promo.


How ODM Can Help

In conclusion, using on-pack promotions for your marketing campaign is always a good idea as it allows you to sell more items per transaction while giving customers more value for money. Feel free to explore and experiment on your promotional items until your brand hits the spot.

But, if you would like professional help, please feel free to contact the ODM team anytime. Our team of product designers is fully equipped with manufacturing and marketing knowledge so you can expect them to answer all your queries.


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