Our team knows good marketing gifts when we see one. And, this is why this incredible promo beer glass from Brewdog Punk IPA, caught our team’s attention. Currently, Brewdog Punk IPA faces a competitive battle with local beer makers. They’re now seeking to expand in the foreign market hence they are gearing their marketing campaign.

Promo Beer Glass - Marketing Giveaway From Brewdog Punk IPA

Promo Beer Glass – Marketing Giveaway From Brewdog Punk IPA

Customers will receive this great promo gift from Brewdog just for purchasing their on pack gift set. This beer glass can hold almost 16 ounces of ice-cold brew. This makes it a really good pair for your ice cold Brewdog Punk IPA. Also, the glass design is made with style and comfort in mind.


Why do we like this promo beer glass as a marketing giveaway?

  • Premium Gift – Gift with purchase concept is always a good promotional idea for any brand. The point is that customers usually have a huge selection of products they need. But sometimes, brands should just give something that works well with their products. Therefore, this beer glass from Brewdog is a good option since everyone loves to drink their ice cold beer from a custom beer glass. In conclusion, although customers pay more attention to quality and price, offering a useful free gift will surely win over any customer.
  • Practicality – There are several kinds of promo gifts for drinks companies. For example aside from drink glasses you can also offer bottle openersbottle stoppersdrink coolers and so on. Nevertheless, branded beer glass is the best promo item for a beer marketing campaign because it is practical, useful, andvery much cost-effective.
  • Brand Exposure – This branded beer glass boasts the brand’s logo. It is very visible that every time the customer uses it, they’ll see the brand.
  • Customisable – Lastly, this kind of marketing gift is highly customisable. In fact, the Brewdog’s beer glass is not the usual design. They fully customised the freebie so it would have a marketing edge.

Overall, this promo beer glass is highly efficient in promoting the brand. Even though a lot of major players are using this type of merchandise for their marketing campaign, still, Brewdog stood out.

If you like to create your own branded beer glass or custom drinking cup, feel free to contact ODM anytime. Our product designers are always ready to answer all your marketing and manufacturing queries. Our team can help you come up with great drinks marketing ideas and exclusive drinks packaging design and promotional gift sets. Speak with us today!


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