Our team spotted a promotional glass mug by Tiger Beer, a Singapore – based beer company, at a restaurant and the design promptly piqued our interest.

Reel in More Customers with Cool Promotional Glass Mug - Tiger Shows How

Reel in More Customers with Cool Promotional Glass Mug – Tiger Shows How


Tiger Beer’s Promotional Glass Mug – Why We Find it Interesting

This promotional gift mug has a sturdy handle that is made from quality glass. This makes a good alternative to standard ceramic mugs. Also, Tiger beer assures everyone that this is dishwasher and microwave safe. The glass mug is definitely one of the best drinks promotional products we have seen thus far.


Why do we highly recommend using promotional glass mug for Beer Promotions?

  • Customisable – Designers can always get creative when it comes to the design. The mug provides adequate space for branding. As you may have noticed with Tiger’s GWP mug, the branding is all over the sides. It’s very visible especially if there’s beer in it. The contrast makes it very easy to see. Also, the design doesn’t need to be too much. A simple logo on the mugs may already provide a positive impact on the clients. Furthermore, the shape of the mug can be customised according to the brand’s preference. Check out this blog about mugs that are shaped like a football.
  • Promotes Brand Exposure – Branded beer mugs also ensure brand visibility due to continued use. The more they see the brand, the more they will be used to it. And we all know that familiarity is a big component in successful marketing. Customers feel closer to the brand. Thus, trust and connection will be established. In conclusion, having this kind of brand exposure ignites interest which is great for a brand.

Overall, personalized promotional products are very effective for marketing strategies. Tiger’s drinks promotional idea was a success and you can do it too!

Would a promotional glass mug help your beer promos? Feel free to contact us. Our team of product designers will help you find the perfect design for your next killer promotional item. We are an expert in manufacturing and marketing and we can definitely help you with any of your promotional concerns.


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