The famous Asian beer brand, Tiger, is currently running a promotional campaign in Singapore.  Picture below is of an A3 Promotional Poster at a bar in Singapore and doubtless this offer will be promoted online and through other channels too.   The promotion was run in order to celebrate Singapore’s 50th anniversary.

Promotional T-Shirt GWP

Promotional T-Shirt GWP

Why is Tiger Beer running this type of Promotional GWP campaign?

There are likely a number of reasons and benefits behind Tiger Beer’s decision to run this campaign. Firstly, being a GWP campaign, Tiger know it’s a great way to increase sales. It’s well known that gifts with purchase add extra incentive for consumers to purchase your products. Unlike most marketing campaigns, Tiger won’t lose money running this promotion.

The gift they’re giving away, the branded Tiger Beer T-Shirt will be used in public places . This is a great opportunity for Tiger to get their brand out there and increase awareness of their beer. The same can be said for the other items they’re offering.

The ice bucket which is  branded with their logo will be highly visible. It will likely be used in public areas such as parties or on the beach. Also, the ‘1965 Vintage Bottle’ they’re giving away will likely be kept as a collectors item by many consumers. So much like a good investment, all the items will benefit them for years to come, by spreading awareness of their brand.

Consumers seeing branded ice buckets, T-Shirts and posters everywhere will definitely make them more likely to trust and ultimately purchase from your brand.

The promotional products they’re using also make great branding opportunities, as they all have large and flat areas. This makes silk screening or heat transferring of full color logo and text on the products simple.

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