Tiger Beer offers a real cool on pack promo for their customers. Purchase one carton and you will receive one of the three cool designs that’s available for you. Tiger beer is offering this promotion during the football season craze in Singapore. This makes more consumers want to get the really awesome on pack promo it offers.

Awesome on pack promo by Tiger Beer

Awesome on pack promo by Tiger Beer

The football has a shiny outer layering that makes consumer have the perception that it is of a really high quality and expensive material and they would reflect well on your brand image as well. The footballs are offered in 3 different colours and they can be made in more colours as per your request. This product is small and compact. It is certain something that would be age friendly and user friendly as well. Kids often have the power to persuade their parents in getting something, By have such an attractive promotion that would be relatable to both adults and kids, this on pack promo would be suitable for practically, anyone.

Boost sales with this on pack promo!

With 3 different and attractive designs to collect, consumers are drawn towards getting all three designs. With that, they become constant repeat purchasers in order to be able to get all 3 designs. This is a smart move by Tiger Beer as they are now able to hook their customers on the on pack promo and their beers as well. This enhances customer loyalty and with that is allows more and more people to be interested in the product.

This on pack promo could also be made of recyclable materials in order to help boost your company’s corporate social responsibility. With your company being involved in the preservation of the earth, more consumers that are concerned about the green movement would be highly receptive to your company.

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