Do you want your drinks to stand out on the shelf? Everyday we are being bombarded with beverage advertisements on TV and on the streets. But there are ways to stand out on the shelf without having to spend lots of money on expensive ads. Offering custom marketing gifts is a sure-fire way to make customers notice your products. Most importantly, they really help drive impulse purchases.

Custom Marketing Gifts

Custom Marketing Gifts

In this blog, we will take a look at Tiger Beer‘s recent promotional stint in Vietnam. We spotted their custom shelf talker advertising their Lucky Wheel contest. Shoppers need to purchase 2 boxes of Tiger beer (24 cans) to be eligible in the lucky draw.

Prizes to be won:

  • A pack of 6 Tiger cans
  • 1 Strongbow Cider
  • A branded beer mug from Tiger
  • A trolley bag


Custom Marketing Gifts : What Makes this Promotion by Tiger Exceptional?

  • Branded Trolley Bag : Featuring their iconic Tiger logo, Tiger Beer will surely get a lot of exposure in and out of the country with a custom luggage bag. As customers use these bags for travel, they also expose the brand to everyone they meet.
  • Free Branded Mug –  Promotional branded mugs rank high on the list of best promotional products. Function is its major selling point.
Custom Marketing Gifts

Custom Marketing Gifts

  • Free Drink Packs – In this campaign, customers will win a Strongbow drink and a pack of 6 cans of Tiger beer. This strategy allows both brands to gain exposure. Whether the customer is a fan of either brand or both, they will fins this promotional strategy an interesting one.
  • Limited Time – Short promo runs are successful because they push customers to make the purchase before it is too late. They may even buy more than what they need to get a higher chance of winning.
Custom Marketing Gifts

Custom Marketing Gifts

  • Drive Impulse Purchase at the Point of Sale – Contests are surefire way to connect with customers and increase engagement. Advertising through custom shelf talkers definitely got us curious as to what we could gain from joining the contests.


We certainly love how Tiger Beer is making a such a bold statement through their custom marketing gifts. Their practical and face value can definitely boost Tiger Beer’s perceived value. Furthermore, the products are custom -made to make their branding stand out.

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Tiger Beer’s Excellent Custom Marketing Gifts in the Past

Tiger Beer gave away vintage T-shirts and ice buckets as part of their marketing effort in Singapore. The beer merchandise offers great advertising benefits and are inexpensive to produce.


In this blog, we will take a look at how Tiger Beer has utilized a promotional glass mug to reel in more customers. Marketing managers should offer branded mugs as giveaway as customers will surely use them every day.


Tiger Beer is offering football as on-pack gifts. Sports fans will definitely love this gift because they are of high-quality and practical.


Tiger Beer offers this cooler bag as gift with purchase. This is an excellent strategy as it allows customers to keep their beverage ice cold all day.


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