Need inspiration for your company’s upcoming St. Patrick’s Day Promotion? Why not consider a gift with purchase promotion to boost sales? Here’s an excellent St. Patrick’s Day Promotion by Heineken. The brand offers free holiday-themed custom beer products for beer lovers.

custom beer products

custom beer products

Custom Beer Products

To acquire this limited edition gift from Heineken, customers will have to purchase two 1l draft beers and fulfil the requirement of either being Irish or be dressed in Green. Only after the requirements are fulfilled can the customers redeem their limited edition gift. Heineken does not specify what the gift is. But based on the picture on the promotion, we assume it is a small branded pouch.


Firstly, Heineken’s striking green fully matches the green coloured festival. This in turn allows Heineken to easily match their promotions to that of their St. Patrick’s Day Promotion. However, the main gist of the promotion is not their green merchandise, but the use of colour in promotions. Customers that purchase two draft beers and are dressed in green will receive a limited edition gift. Heineken’s gift with purchase not only encourages customers to spend more in this festive season but also incentifies it.


Who does not love beer? With many people around the world going out with their families and friends on St. Patrick’s Day, buying a beer tower is almost inevitable. With many people opting to buy a beer tower, placing this promotion on the beer tower will not only garner the attention of consumers but will also encourage them to spend a little more to be able to redeem Heineken’s gift with purchase. Due to the festive mood, people will also be willing to spend more to lighten up the mood. This is especially so whilst among families and friends. Thus by placing this promotion at the beer tower, not only will it attract customer’s attention but will also encourage people to spend a little more to redeem Heineken’s gift with purchase.

custom beer products

custom beer products

Gift with purchase is a good way to boost sales as it gives customers more reasons to buy your product. With people more willing to spend during festivities, brands should plan their promotions to suit these festivals. When executed correctly not only does a gift with purchase boost sales but also improves the relationship between brands and customers.

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