With Asia being the largest continent on the globe – and easily the most populous too due to China and India being parts of it – we cannot blame a lot of business people for wanting to break into this market. More citizens mean a higher number of individuals with purchasing power, after all. This means gift with purchase promotions are massive in scale and scope.

Here are some examples of brands using promo gifts along with their regular items.  Let the following advertising ideas in Asia lift your spirits and inspire you.

Levi’s GWP in China

Gift with Purchase Promotions in Asia

This branded organizer from the denim company is an epitome that even the largest brands do not stop wanting to please their consumers with unique products. The case is already eye-catching from a distance due to its front part that looks like the backside of the jeans that Levi Strauss & Co. sells.

Opening its zipper, though, is as if going to another dimension because it contains pockets of different sizes – all made from the denim material. The design appeal of this GWP is spot on, and it has a handle on the side to make carrying the item effortless.

Gift with Purchase Promotions in Asia

Of course, Levi’s did not let this beautiful gift remain unknown to walk-in customers as they placed a simple POS display by the entrance. The poster sitting on the easel seems to say that their GWP is a work of art.

New On-Pack Promotion by Coca-Cola in Japan

A bigwig in the food and beverage industry, Coca-Cola, is already a veteran when it comes to giving away freebies to consumers. What we appreciate about this company is how they do not run out of distinct ways to market the business. It shows how committed the people behind the brand are in making every bottle of cola noteworthy.

Gift with Purchase Promotions in Asia


An appropriate example of what we are talking about is their on-pack promo in the Land of the Rising Sun. While Japan may be popular to different parts of the planet for its kimonos, samurais, and animés, the people who have visited the country realize how much the local love vending machines.

Gift with Purchase Promotions in Asia

Several sets line up in the major places, and they do not just hold drinks but also meals and sometimes garments. The brand probably banked on this fact; that’s why they hid their GWPs such as free earphones, pouches, and wristbands on the neck bottle.

Milo’s On-Pack Promotion – Champion Mix Shaker in the Philippines

If you go to any supermarket in the Philippines, you will notice that a lot of goods with marketing products in tow belong to Nestlé. It has always been like this for decades, which is why the Swiss company has become a household name.

Milo is one of the brands under the corporation, and it also happens to be the energy drink that is famous enough to allow Nestlé to hold summer camps for young athletes each year. We can attribute this recognition to the endless flow of freebies that they use as in-pack promotion.

Gift with Purchase Promotions in Asia

The gift with purchase promotions that Milo holds appeal to the kids who aspire to become as renowned as their idols in diverse sporting fields. We have seen little volleyballs and glasses before, but one merchandise that will always be useful to the customers is this branded tumbler.

Gift with Purchase Promotions in Asia

The concept behind the product is not different from other cups you may have viewed in the past. However, the shape and the title – Champion Mix Shaker – put it in a league that is way above the rest.

Trick or Treat Promos: Dunkin Donuts Case Study in South Korea

Another brand that can get adults and children hooked with just a single bite of their soft and sweet products is Dunkin Donuts. Every franchise that the company launches, wherever on the planet, can do well because of their delectable treats.  Yet, they still get a sales bump each time they use promotional merchandise products.

Based on our observation about this brand, they do not just give away items for no apparent reason. It is a trait that newcomers in the world of business should possess because, to be honest, manufacturing thousands or millions of products is not cheap.

Gift with Purchase Promotions in Asia

Despite Dunkin Donuts offering fewer marketing items recently, they ensure that it will be interesting.  Check out the a wide variety of choices online.   One example is this Trick or Treat promo in South Korea.

What is appreciable regarding this collection is how every item is not gender- or age-specific. All of the products in the image above are nice to have on hand.  We love the customized pen or drip set.

What are the profits of learning from these gift with purchase promotions?

  • Gain additional customers. Every person that enters the store is a possible buyer. While advertising your regular goods can attract them to visit your physical or virtual shop, we cannot deny the gravity that freebies have. If you create high-quality GWPs, then the customers may come by the dozen.
  • Retain consumer loyalty. Of course, even your old patrons need some TLC too. Getting new clients is crucial, yet making them want to stay is highly critical. When you provide promo gifts to these people, although it may not be on a monthly basis, they can admire your efforts and see that you have not forgotten about them.
  • Augment brand consciousness. How and on which part of the product you will place the brand logo decides if the individuals will deem it as an excellent brand remembrance. From the GWPs earlier, Levi’s did not need a large name printed because the organizer replicated their jeans. However, for the others, they went with the usual front-and-center placement, which is faultless too.

The gift with purchase promotions in Asia have a strong relation to the customs prevailing in the region. This bit is worth taking note of, even if your ads will appear in North and South America, Europe, Australia, or Africa.

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