Tune into world’s hottest promotional product with customised earphones! With unique retractable function, these earbuds have a large area to display your logo, allowing for maximum exposure to your advertising message.

Customized earphones fit all standard audio devices such as computers, smartphones, laptops, MP3 players, and stereos.

Hottest Promotional Product: Customised Retractable Earphones

Hottest Promotional Product: Customised Retractable Earphones

Traditional earbuds have wires that go through each earpiece down to the centre point where the two wires are joined together. And the constant, unbearable problem for all music-lovers is that these wires always get all tangled up and every single time you have to unknot them first, before being able to plug into ears and mobile device. However, this is now a thing of the past.

The idea is simple: the two cords that connect the two earpieces are pulled towards a central unit.  Here comes an excellent opportunity for you brand placement: the winding device can be customized, logo branded and imprinted with full color graphics – whatever you need for your marketing campaign. Just see the example of winding device, designed as the Coca Cola bottle lid below.

Hottest Promotional Product: Customised Earphones

Hottest Promotional Product: Customised Earphones

The key advantages of using customised earphones with retractable function:

  • Perfect for low-budget marketing campaign: using branded retractable earbuds for promotion won’t cost you the earth. Promotional earbuds come in all price ranges –from the low cost trade show or promotional giveaways to the hi-fidelity and noise cancelling headphones to meet the more discerning audiophile.
  • Variety of designs: Customised Retractable Earphones come in dozens of colors and styles—all with your logo to keep your brand fresh and in front of your target audience for years.
  • Small dimensions: because of tiny size, it is perfect for on-pack promotions, gifts with purchase, or giveaways. The client can easily stow away your promotional retractable earbuds in back pockets, purses, and bags with minimal fuss. The cords will not be all tangled up nor caught among the other objects within the bag.
Hottest Promotional Product: Customised Earphones

Hottest Promotional Product: Customised Earphones

  • Popularity: listening to favourite music without having to go through the trouble of untangling the cords is the ultimate dream for many customers. They have become the practical choice for runners and working professionals who are always on the go.
  • Additional protection: the cable where the two cords retract provides protection, as the excess cable is constantly being pulled into the casing. This keeps the wires from being frayed or bent unnaturally, that means, this promotional product will stay with your happy customer for a long time.
  • High quality: The materials used to construct ear bud headphones have to be able to stand up to constant abuse coupled with wear and tear. This is mainly because ear buds are partially inserted into the ear. There are some types that are made of hypoallergenic and sometimes medical grade silicones.

In general, the added benefit of not having to untangle the wires because of the retractable function is an added bonus that will surely keep consumers happy with their purchase.

If you are interested in these customised earphones, please, contact our sales team with reference to the code below. To find out about more ways to promote your brand, visit our ODM blog, years of expertise and numerous ideas will surely suit your marketing needs. Also please see below the relevant topics:

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