Promotional Ideas: Branded Aluminium Wallet

Need promotional Ideas for boosting your company’s brand image while keeping your business cards organised? Why not consider an Aluminium Wallet with this funky design!

Offering this customizable aluminium card wallet for your company staff or clients/suppliers, is the perfect gift to please them and accompany them everyday. Read on to find out more about this unique and exciting product.

Promotional Ideas Branded Aluminium Wallet

Promotional Ideas Branded Aluminium Wallet

Aluminium card wallets are useful promotional items, ideal as gifts during corporate or promotional events as they possess utility in terms of holding a plentiful supply of business cards, which will be useful for any event visit. Due their widespread use in the business world, they are seen by many with a high perceived value.

Benefits of offering Aluminium card wallets

With Mindsparkz own design, offering Aluminium card wallets for business cards has many benefits to it. Aluminium is very durable, as such it withstands harsh conditions such as extreme heat and cold. They do not get damaged easily when used long-term. The material is also water resistant which ensures a longer product life without constant replacement. Along with this, its polished finish can give it a high end look towards a simple card holder. In addition, the aluminium card holder may also have the company’s logo etched on it, providing additional advertising of the company in question.

Promotional Ideas Branded Aluminium Wallet

Promotional Ideas Branded Aluminium Wallet

Promotional Ideas to boost brand awareness with this Aluminium card wallet

Branding is vital in increasing brand awareness for your company. ODM suggests you to brand the Aluminium card wallet by etching or lazer engraving method at the side of the holder. This does not only help to the marketing efforts for your company but it also allows the Aluminium card wallet to look professional and personalized.

Check out some of the Aluminium marketing gifts you can offer to your clients:

If your interested in this item in particular, be sure to contact us at ODM Group. Over 10 years of experience offering promotional solutions and production management can surely operationalize your marketing efforts.