If you are looking for a corporate promotion for your employees this will help you organizing and recognizing your cards in your wallet, which can be really hard, if you do not have such a branded card holder. To promote with such a promotional product will help you gaining a lot of brand awareness and sales of your products, as your customers or employees will see your promotional card holder every time they open their wallet and wanna pay somewhere or just show their pictures of their ID’s to friends.

Corporate Promotions: Branded Card Holder

Corporate Promotions: Branded Card Holder

This promotional card holders not just are very nice to look at with their red modern design and embossed branding but are very practical and are catching the eyes of your customers. This product will be noticed by its red pantone matched color, but also by its high quality design and practicality.

Why should you think about branded card holder?

  • Brand awareness. To use such branded card holder is great to gain a big brand awareness and to gain more attention to your products and company. As this is great to organize and recognize important cards in your wallet you will definitely see this on the revenues of your campaign and future events.
  • Practicality. With such a branded card holder you will always find your most important card in your wallet and prevent it from scratches through over cards or coins.

If you are interested in using branded card holder for your next marketing campaign, do not hesitate to contact us. Here at ODM we have years of experience with sourcing, designing and manufacturing promotional products for companies around the world.

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