Ring Hooks for devices are getting popular these days, where smart devices are usual things to have and to use the everyday. To prevent them from falling down and having the display broken by such promotional ring hook is really clever. Mediacorp recently advertised with such a promotional ring hook at an event to gain a long-term brand awareness and with this coming a long-term increase in sales.

Marketing Gift by Mediacorp: Promotional Ring Hook

Marketing Gift by Mediacorp: Promotional Ring Hook

This ring hook is with its silver design a great way to catch the eye of every current or potential customer. You can see smart device users everyday, everywhere, which allows you to reach a broad target group. Also will smartphone users take a look to the phones of their friends or any people they meet to compare the smartphones or look out for the next one. If these smartphones would have such a ring hook on the back it will definitely be noticed and will start a conversation about the practicalities, the brand and place where the people got such a nice promotional product.

But not only the Ring Hook itself is great, also the box in which it is presented and giving out is very useful and fits in any pocket.

Why should you think about such a Promotional Ring Hook for smart devices?

  • Practicality. This Product is a high-end product, which will prevent the phone to slip out of your hand. This will be stuck to the phone nicely and you can totally rely on it. And because of its High-Quality will this be used for a long time, which will generate an increase in your sales.
  • Additional Customers. This Promotional product will affect customers to choose your services and product above other vendors.

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