Think about how many people you see on their phones each day. What sets apart all these identical looking devices? Mobile phone accessories. These custom card holders will be used by many and seen by many more.

Custom card holders are the perfect product for printing your brand’s logo on. These would make a fantastic promotional gift offer or giveaway item.

Custom Card Holder
Custom Card Holder

What we love about these custom card holders:

Design: The first step to an effective promotional product is creating something that your customers will actually want to use. These won’t do you any good hidden away in a drawer. These custom card holders get it right, with a simple, clean design created with the product’s intended use in mind. This cardholder will stand out against the plain and neutral design of most modern smartphones.

Branding: The design is an interesting flat interpretation of a cubic shape. Entirely one colour, your brand’s logo will stand out when printed on these custom card holders.

Simplicity: The holder is backed with a gentle layer of adhesive which sticks to phones without leaving any damage or residue upon removal.

Broad appeal: Two neutral, attractive design options appeal to a wide range of people. Customers of any age or gender will be able to use this custom promo gift. It’s great for them, and even better for your brand.

Universal: These custom phone holders are suitable for any type of business. You don’t have to work in technology to give away phone accessories as a free promotional item. This is a practical, popular option to spotlight your brand and all customers will appreciate this item.

Custom Card Holder
Custom Card Holder

Mobile phones have become an absolute necessity in the digital age. Approximately 5 billion people now have a mobile phone. Moreover, we check our phones a jaw-dropping 100 times a day on average. No other branded product will is used or seen as much as a custom phone accessory is.

Increase brand awareness while giving your business a modern edge.

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