Recently, the team in Ho Chi Minh City had the opportunity to visit a Vietnam leather supplier, and have a look at the factory’s operations. The factory, which is considerably smaller in size, consists of a few workers who work extensively to ensure top-notch quality leather products.

Vietnam Leather Supplier

Factory workers hard at work – Vietnam Leather Supplier

In this visit, we saw first hand the importance of factory visits and quality control checks. We also understood more about the process of manufacturing the leather products.

This factory produces a range of leather products, including wallets, bags, and notebooks.

Vietnam Leather Supplier

Bag – Vietnam Leather Supplier

We got to see up close how high-quality leather wallets are manufactured.

Vietnam Leather Supplier

Wallet – Vietnam Leather Supplier

Notebook with leather cover- perfect as Christmas gift for employees!

Vietnam Leather Supplier

Notebook – Vietnam Leather Supplier

Branded leather notebooks make for ideal personalized gift for clients and employees.

Vietnam Leather Supplier

Leather Products – Vietnam Leather Supplier

Our team got to inspect how these products were made and branded.

Vietnam Leather Supplier

Passport Holder – Vietnam Leather Supplier

From the factory visit, we learnt more about the various steps of producing the leather products. These include cutting, dyeing, and stitching of the various leather components to form the end product. Each step of the process is meticulously done, to ensure that the end product is of top-notch quality.

So, why would a Vietnam Leather Supplier be good for you?

The Vietnamese leather suppliers use high-quality leather imported from the U.S. and Italy. The U.S. leather is coloured using chromium, while the Italian leather is coloured using vegetable products – more expensive, but eco-friendly. If you would like an eco-friendly option, you can opt for the Italian leather, while there is always a more affordable option in the U.S. leather.

Furthermore, the leather used by the supplier is extremely sturdy and durable. For the notebooks, the leather used by the supplier is 2.5mm-2.7mm thick. This means that the leather will certainly not be easily bent, and if bent, can be easily put back into place. Common leather notebooks, meanwhile, are usually between 1.5mm-1.8mm thick, which makes it less sturdy and more easily bent.

Vietnam Leather Supplier

Notebook – Vietnam Leather Supplier

Also, professionals from the U.K. and the U.S. have visited the factory before, and help further teach the factory team on leather colouring techniques. This further emphasizes the high quality of the factory’s leather, and further improves their credibility.

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