Vietnam manufacturing strength lies mainly in textiles and garment. This is given, since Vietnam is a giant exporter for textile and garment. Just recently in Q1 2018, Vietnam exported US$7.83 billion worth of textile and garment.

Check out some of these cool products for Vietnam manufacturing below!  We have shortlisted them from product catalog by a Vietnam factory.

1. Caps 

Caps make a great personalised promotional product for any businesses. This is because of its versatility in terms of design!

Vietnam Manufacturing - Cap

Vietnam Manufacturing – Cap

For instance, sports-related designs to capture fellow soccer fans. This is especially apt for World Cup seasons!

Simply imprint your company brand name or logo on the front and it will scream out “brand visibility” already.

Take a look at how Ralp Lauren garner brand attention with their logo imprinted right at the center of the cap.

Besides imprinting brand name and logo on the cap, beer companies took a step further by adding function to a typical cap!

The list of innovative cap ideas is endless!


2. Beanie

As for businesses in countries with temperate climates, you can consider custom beanie for your promotional giveaways! They are ideal promotional gift giveaway ideas for Christmas.

Vietnam Manufacturing - Beanie

Vietnam Manufacturing – Beanie

Check out how Disney immerse viewers into the movie, Christmas Story: Frozen, with a custom beanie. The beanie certainly conveys the Christmas spirit.


3. Bags

Branded promotional bags is another practical way for business to promote your brand! The types of bags business can offer to customers are wide ranging and dependent on your business models.


First, backpacks are attractive to the general masses. They are handy for any age groups and occasions.

Vietnam Manufacturing - Backpack

Vietnam Manufacturing – Backpack


Read on to learn how Kit Kat uses promotional backpack to leave lasting impression for their customers.


Furthermore, make your promotional bag stand out even more when you add more innovative features into them! This adds value to a typical backpack.

Sports Bag

Second, sports bags will hit the spot for many people who are into sports! Given its spacious interior, sports bag can be used for non-sporting activities as well. Thus, it is attractive to regular consumers.

Vietnam Manufacturing - Sports Bag

Vietnam Manufacturing – Sports Bag

For example, drink company using sports bag to promote their drink products!


Tote Bags

Talking about spacious bags, tote bags hit the mark too! They are great for everyday use. Hence, they can be seen outside on the road more often. This means higher brand exposure.

Vietnam Manufacturing - Tote Bag

Vietnam Manufacturing – Tote Bag

Moreover, tote bags make great gift with purchase, especially for cosmetic companies. Tote bags are often given along with huge purchases of cosmetic products. This allows customers to carry their purchases in the trendy tote bags.

Drawstring Bags

Meanwhile, drawstring bags are casual alternative for promotional bags.

Vietnam Manufacturing - Drawstring Bag

Vietnam Manufacturing – Drawstring Bag


Check out our patented reflective bags that give you the extra safety assurance!

Others – Toiletry Bag/ Diaper Bag

Lastly, bags with specific functions such as toiletry bags and diaper bags are options businesses can consider for their promo gift ideas too.

Vietnam Manufacuring - Others Bag

Vietnam Manufacuring – Others Bag

Toiletry bags are useful for various occasions, ranging from sports to travels. They made showering after gym session more organised!

A diaper bag to call out to all mothers out there. They are complimentary gifts for baby products companies.

In summary, these ideas are a great way to maximize your marketing effort because they are customizable as well as cost-effective. For more custom giveaway ideas, check out our ODM blog. Here at ODM, we have rich experience in delivering quality design work to client. Contact us today to see if we can help you with any upcoming project.