Handy All in 1 Baby Bag

Pampers Singapore, a brand known for its baby products, shows its foresight on the industry by troubleshooting a common problem faced by mums – a bag to store every baby’s needs. For a total spending of S$50 at Guardian outlets, customers can receive a free all in one Baby bag.

With this promo, Pampers is a serious contender:

  • Practical baby bag – able to store diapers, milk bottle, powder etc.
  • Has customer’s interests at heart – save parents the trouble of searching for a suitable one
  • Thoughtful use of Pink – definitely goes well with all mothers
  • Baby Elephant mascot along with logo is printed subtly at the bottom corner
  • Increased perceived value – secures Shelf Space; competitors like Huggies are not offering anything to stand out at that moment