Sports wear and accessories never get old and Grey Goose knows it! This GWP sports bag is a great gift idea, offering customers a free bag with any liter bottle purchase of their famous vodka.

GWP Sports Bag - Promotion by Grey Goose

GWP Sports Bag – Promotion by Grey Goose

Grey Goose is premium Vodka brand founded in 1997 and uses soft winter wheat sourced from Picardy, a grain-growing region in northern France. The Vodka itself is distilled five times and is made in the Cognac region of France.

What we like about the GWP sports bag:

  • fashionable. With a Stylish design and appealing colour scheme that matches the white and blue branding, makes this sports bag uphold to the prestigious and reputable name of Grey Goose.
  • Desirable. Because of its appearance and reputable branding, the GWP sports bag can tempt customers that may not drink Grey Goose to purchase and try it as they’ll want the fashionable accessory.
  • Multipurpose. Being a bag in general it is very spacious and usable for not only sporting activities, giving the customers who aren’t persuaded by the sporting aspect a demand for the product and vodka .
  • On the move advertising. With the recognizable colour scheme and logo, this offers the brand a constant method of promotion, whether it’s used at sporting events, travelling or general transportation of belongings.

ODM loves this gift with purchase and would definitely use it to turn up to the gym in style. If you’re interested in promoting your product through the use of a sports bag or any other type of promotional bag, then we have a great team of designers to help you become the next talked about brand at the next Sunday league game.

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