Grey Goose recently did a duty free marketing campaign at Hong Kong airport. When you bought a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka you got a free luxury travel bag. This kind of promotion is not unusual, read below how you can be successful in duty free marketing.


Grey Goose’s duty free marketing

Goose duty free marketing

Goose duty free marketing

Due to the fact that you do not have to pay taxes on the purchases you make at the airport it creates a lucrative business for companies to give away high quality promotional products. Especially liquor companies, like Grey Goose, give away a lot of different promotional products at airfields to boost their sales. As shown in the earlier blogs we did about duty free marketing it can be seen that giving away small travel suitcases or bags are pretty popular. Since a bottle of liquor is high valued product, the liquor companies are giving high quality products away which have in the eye of the consumer the same high quality value as the liquor. Also this bag has a large logo of the liquor company on to get more brand recognition.


Why duty free marketing

Goose duty free marketing.

Goose duty free marketing.

Standing out of the crowd is important, especially at airports, where there is a lot of competition. By offering promotional products you will attract more customers since they think they get more value for their money. The majority of travelers outside of the holiday season are business travelers. This means to get the best success with promotional products, you have to adjust your products to them. Not every company doing duty free marketing can give high quality bags or trolleys away. Other solutions could be baggage labels, inflatable pillow, comfortable slippers, eye mask or travel socks.


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