Ah coffee, almost everybody loves coffee! Now, thanks to the wide variation in machines available on the market, you can make a fresh cup of coffee in few seconds. What else can you ask for?
The competition in this industry is very tough and that is why every brand wants to be different from their competitors. Krups developed  a very nice coffee marketing. Let’s check this out below.


A very useful item as part of your coffee Marketing

An example of coffee Marketing by Krups

An example of coffee Marketing by Krups

We find out in Hong Kong this gift with purchase offered by Krups for any purchase of this coffee machine in the “Fortress” stores.

As you can see, this “coffeeology” set is very nice and useful if you want to impress your guest with your delicious coffee.
This set includes a milk  pot, a shaker and some accessories to make some decorations on the top of the cream; everything you need!

That’s clearly allow you to make your favorite coffee unique.


The advantages of a solid coffee Marketing

When you develop your brand or even if this one is well established you need to increase your brand awareness. To do so, promotional products and gifts with purchase are a nice options.

Indeed, those items are usually pretty cheap but may have a pretty huge impact on your sales. They also might boost your brand visibility if the products that you give away are useful; that is the case here with the set that Krups offers with their coffee machine.
The way in which your client appreciates  the gift may influence his buying behaviour and can create a new loyal customer. I’m sure you would like to build a long-term relationship with your customers.

It’s important to offer something which is in harmony with your brand image and values as the promotional items reflect your firm.


If you need some creative ideas for your next coffee Marketing campaign, do not hesitate to drop us an email. Our in-house team of designers at Mindsparkz will  be pleased to assist you.