The companies most likely to use brand character come from areas that are highly commodified, such as insurance, food and beverage, technology, telecommunications and consumer goods. The reason behind this type of operation is clear. You know that your purchase is an emotional decision-making process, if you can persuade someone through a fictional character that evokes a certain quality, you will get a huge competitive advantage.

Kellogg's brand characters

Kellogg’s brand characters

Brand character as powerful marketing tool

The fantasy character can be a powerful marketing tool in advertising, and can be a solid launch pad to convey any kind of message, while ensuring a consistent picture between the various means of communication available.
Especially in a competitive market, the brand character work very well, it does disappear every element of distinction between a brand and an equivalent, such as between a product or service for a specific brand, compared to what it could offer a very similar product marketed by one of the many competitors.
Now, the advent of social media has provided new ways to brand engagement with consumers, especially for companies operating in standardized markets. You can get the competitive edge over rivals. However, social media claims that the characters are more three-dimensional, and especially that they are “icons” which will help to develop a closer relationships with the consumers (narrative character).

Ronald Mc Donald brand character

Ronald Mc Donald brand character

Brand character as link between consumers and producers

The recession has led to an increase in consumer desire to search for the “real” connections with brands, and brand character is a solution to “humanize” the brand and bring down the distance that separated the producer from the consumer in the past.
The brand character can be made to embody a character, circumstance of life or, entertain a celebrity fantasy scenarios. Moreover, the fictional character tends to be more lively when it makes sense that the character could represent what people are looking fore.

Michelin Tire Man

Michelin Tire Man

How to choose the right brand character

I firmly believe that thanks to social media and the diversification of the media, this is the right time to give birth to an advertising character, but it should give the brand as unique and memorable that impact on the market.
Think about some brand character that you know, and think about what they have in common. You’ll notice that most of them are fighting in highly competitive markets. If they are able to achieve results imagine what they can do for you. All that must be done is make sure you have made the right character brand. Be sure that your advertisement does not take anything away to the brand rather than enrich it. The marketer needs to consider a glance, a personality, a language and a potential scenario that can be amused by reflecting the brand. There may also be an opportunity to introduce actors and other minor characters to expand the plot. It should be constructed a narrative project base.

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What is a brand character?

A brand character is a fictional character that has certain characters related to brand giving it a special personality. It is easily recognizable by members of the public

How can you make a brand character more effective?

It can be relatable to consumers and should have brand engagement. The brand character can be made to embody a character, circumstance of life or entertain a celebrity fantasy scenario