Darlie‘s latest GWP promotion offers a Rilakumma water bottle for every 2 Darlie Double Action toothpaste purchased! This deal was found in the supermarkets all over Hong Kong and is only available for a limited period of time. Do check it out before this GWP promotion ends.

Darlie Rilakumma Water Bottle GWP

Darlie Rilakumma Water Bottle GWP

Using licensed characters on your GWP!

Rilakkuma is a popular Japanese character in the Asian market. By imprinting this licensed character on its promotional products, Darlie has done a great job of cultural marketing. ODM feels that Darlie may also brand its logo on the water bottle to enhance brand recall every time the water bottle is used. This promotional product will definitely entice customers to purchase 2 Darlie toothpaste instead of 1!

Why offer GWP promotions to your customers?

GWP promotions help you to boost your sales! Customers love receiving free gifts with their purchases. This makes customers feel valued and that the brand cares for them. What makes this GWP promotion even better is the high-perceived value that the cosmetic pouch possesses.

The water bottle has a high utility value due to its brilliant design and the use of a licensed character. Therefore some customers may be attracted to the GWP and will be willing to spend more in order to obtain it. This will result in more impulse purchases and will increase the profits for Darlie.

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