What promotional gift has Darlie come up with for this round of marketing campaign? Darlie has a new On Pack Promotion campaign. Customers get a free bottle with the purchase of one tube of tooth paste. Darlie has always come up with many marketing campaigns to boost sales. Promotional items are commonly given out to consumers when they purchase one or more tube of toothpaste from them. These promotional gifts are normally given out as on pack promo.

On Pack Promotion - Free Bottle by Darlie Toothpaste

On Pack Promotion – Free Bottle by Darlie Toothpaste

The combination of a bottle and toothpaste might be a bit odd, but it’s a great way to attract more customers. When customers are in the store to buy a new tube of toothpaste and have difficulty choosing, this Free Bottle will definitely pop out more than other brands without an On Pack Promotion. The bottle has a nice design and is very versatile. As shown on the package, you can use it for stuff like water, almonds, or candy. The lid of the bottle can open and close, so you don’t have to screw off the whole cap the entire time. This makes it a great bottle for on the coffee table, filled with your favourite snacks.

Why do we like this On Pack Promotion?

  • Unique but effective: As said above, the combination of these two items is one-of-a-kind. However, the bottle looks very sturdy, and can be used for anything. Because the toothpaste is not that expensive and the bottle has so many uses, people might be interested to buy multiple tubes to collect more bottles.
  • Boosts Sales: On Pack Promotions like these help you to boost your sales! Customers love receiving free gifts with their purchases. This makes customers feel valued and that the brand cares for them. What makes this On Pack Promotion promotion even better is the high-perceived value and versatility that the Free Bottle possesses.
  • Customer Loyalty: One of the best ways of attracting the customers attention is to give them free items. By offering a free On Pack Promotion like this Free Bottle, customers will feel like they are really getting value for their money. This might just seal the deal for future purchases.

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