Vanguard recently advertised in China with Serofinozani knives as Purchase with Purchase in their shops. To use knives as promotional products is very clever, as they are products which are be used in every kitchen and will be bought by the customers at one point anyway.

Serofinozani Knives as Purchase with Purchase

Serofinozani Knives as Purchase with Purchase

The design of these knives is very modest what makes them look like professional knives. Having professional knives while cooking for a person you wanna impress, is perfect, as this will make you look like you really know something about cooking. But not only the knives are great to promote with, also the POS Display is great to gain attention to your brand and products.

This increased brand awareness will gain your sales not just at the same time while the campaign is going, but will also hold on for a long-term even after the campaign ended.

Why should you think about such Purchase with Purchase products?

  • Practicality. A knife is used nearly everyday to prepare the food for lunch, breakfast or dinner. This is why promoting with such a branded knife is great to gain a long-term attention to your brand and company and to have a constant brand awareness and gain sales even after the campaign.
  • Attracts Customer. Through such a Purchase with Purchase product will current and potential customers be affected to buy products by your brand. The fact that many people cook generally at home, nearly everyday, is how you reach a broad target group and motivate a lot of people to purchase your products.

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