Darlie’s past marketing campaigns include giving out Mickey mug, Snoopy Lunchbox, Looney Tunes Bowl, G.O.D Graffiti Printed Mug, etc. So what promotional gift has Darlie come up with for this round of marketing campaign? Free Rilakkuma ceramic mug with lid for purchase of two tubes of toothpaste! Read on to find out more about this marketing campaign.

Darlie x Rilakkuma Marketing Campaign- Ceramic Mug

Darlie x Rilakkuma Marketing Campaign- Ceramic Mug

Darlie has always come up with many marketing campaigns to boost sales. Promotional items are commonly given out to consumers when they purchase more than one tube of toothpaste from them. These promotional gifts are normally given out as on pack promo.

How will this marketing campaign help boost sales?

By giving out cartoon-characterized merchandises, consumers are more attracted to purchase these on pack promos. They would be willing to spend more for another tube of toothpaste to receive these free gifts. Branded cartoon characters merchandises are normally sold at high prices in the market. When these merchandises are given out free, consumers would be enticed by these promotion and purchase from Darlie. Hence, sales would definitely be boosted through these marketing campaigns.

These mugs have high utility value, which are plus points for promotional gifts. Consumers are able to reuse these ceramic mugs over and over again, which attracts them to this promotion.


Branding could be the other reason for future increment in sales. By branding your company logo on your promotional gifts, it could enhance brand awareness. Darlie can imprint their brand name on these ceramic mugs to remind users of their company. Brand loyalty would eventually be created in the long run. When consumers use the mugs, they would be able to notice Darlie’s brand name, and thus Darlie would be their first choice of brand when it comes to buying toothpaste. This could eventually help your company in reaping more profits through a simple method of branding.