Thinking of a suitable marketing gift this coming summer holiday? Well, wait no longer! Today we will be discussing how Darlie toothpaste has collaborated with Winnie the Pooh in their marketing efforts! This marketing gift has brought about an increased in brand recognition for Darlie as well as more brand loyalty with Darlie’s customers. Read on more to find out how you could learn from Darlie!

Marketing Gift by Darlie with Disney’s Pooh Bear

Marketing Gift by Darlie with Disney’s Pooh Bear

Darlie is one of the most popular household toothpaste brands. Winnie the Pooh is no doubt, one of the most highly sought after cartoon characters in Disney. Together, they are giving away a Winnie the Pooh mug with purchase of a set of toothpaste!

Marketing Gift to Increase Brand Awareness

This marketing gift is a perfect platform for branding. Darlie has creatively branded its name onto its promo gift, as seen in the picture. As mugs are a popular and useful household item, the clients who purchase the items are very likely to use them in their homes. As a result, Darlie is able to promote and market its brand name at the same time. When guests of the household uses Darlie’s mug, it acts as a form of promotion to market their brand to others. This type of direct marketing usually yields higher returns in terms of increased brand loyalty and brand awareness. More people would know more about Darlie and might even switch to using Darlie for their toothpaste!

Marketing gifts are extremely useful in helping to promote your brand. People would feel that they received more than what they paid for, thus they are more willing to purchase your items. Thus, because of that good feeling customers associate with your brand, they would generally favor your brand over others. Thus, your brand will see an increase in profits and sales.

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