During a tradeshow/client visit in Russia our Sales Manager unfortunately found this gift with purchase by Theraflu. I say unfortunately as it would obviously be better if she didn’t need to visit the pharmacy at all.


What makes a gift with purchase campaign successful?

Theraflu's Russia gift with purchase adds value

Theraflu’s Russia gift with purchase adds value

The most effective way to launch a gift with purchase campaign is to analyse what gift would add the most value to your product within the specified budget. The product obviously has to not only be useful on its own but also align sensibly with the product it’s being coupled with. In this case a spoon is likely to be within most budgets and it would add value over other products as it’s directly needed to stir the sachet contents. It also may even add value over other spoons as it can be rested on the side of the mug, presumabley to avoid turning hot in the boiling water.


Location is also a key factor for a successful gift with purchase campaign

Theraflu's gift with purchase adds value

Theraflu’s gift with purchase adds value

There may be many possible places for a gift with purchase to be implimented, choosing the right one is crucial. For example, if you’re a whisky company perhaps you might find it more suitable to have your gift with purchase campaigns in certain liquor stores as opposed to general supermarkets; this being more effective as connosiours of whisky may perhaps be more likely to go to liquor stores to buy in quanitity than the supermarket where they may just impulse buy. In this case Theraflu had this gift with purchase campaign take place in pharmacies where you can buy just individual sachets of their product. However, should you be tempted to buy 10 sachets, the whole box, then you would receive the spoon as a gift with purchase.


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