In Hong Kong Nikon is currently offering a gift with purchase on one of their cameras. These promotional products are only being given away with selected Nikon cameras. It is not the first time Nikon is doing this in Hong Kong, read below how Nikon boosts sales with gift with purchase promotions.


Nikon’s gift with purchase

Nikon boosts sales with a gift with purchase promotion

Nikon boosts sales with a gift with purchase promotion

The goodybag of gifts contains 3 promotional products. The first one is a bag to store your camera in and some other small additional items with it, like a spare battery or memory card. The second promotional gift is a branded neck pillow made of fleece and the last one is a small bag to store pens, business cards or a small notebook.


Boost sales by gift with purchase

When doing a gift with purchase promotion it is important that gifts are made of a good, high quality. The quality plays an important role for the customer, when your gift with purchase are made of a high quality than the customer automatically thinks that your product is also high quality. Nikon clearly pays attention to their promotional gifts. The bag for the camera and the small storage bag are both made of high quality materials. The neck pillow is made of a nice soft material to put your head on to sleep in the car or airplane. By carefully selecting these high quality promotional items, Nikon creates extra value to their products over their competitors which results in increasing sales.


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