A great eye-catching drinks POS display is valuable for companies that want to attract a larger group of customers. In this blog Somersby Cider distributed these eye-catching wooden barrels as a sales technique to lure peoples attention. It is not only a great looking product but also has a positive message that strengthens the brand identity.


An eye-catching drinks POS display

An eye-catching drinks POS display

Innovative drinks POS display design

In the picture above you can see an example of a drinks POS display by Somersby Cider. They designed a wooden barrel containing fresh apples to show the freshness of the ingredients and the origins of the product. People passing by this POS display are immediately attracted to the wooden barrel containing apples. This drinks POS display is a great sales technique to lure peoples attention because it makes people curious to find out more about the cider itself. Furthermore the theme of the display designed by Somersby Cider gives people an idea of the origin of the product, which adds value to the product.


Greater sales for minimum costs

For drinks companies that want to have greater sales but also want to have the same brand identity, consider having a look at the example of the drinks POS display by Somersby Cider. For minimum costs it is a great sales technique to lure people’s attention while also giving a positive image towards your products. Furthermore the display can be customized towards the ideas you want to realize.


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