Summer is finally here and what better way to enjoy the season than having a bottle of cool drinks and winning some exciting gifts from your favorite brand? Somersby is offering a great summer drinks promotion this year! Buy any 2 Somersby and get a free beach mat!

Summer Drinks Promotion

Summer Drinks Promotion

This is a simple yet very engaging drinks marketing idea. The free item encourages customers to make a decision right on the spot. This is because the branded gift with purchase is perceived as something they can easily obtain at no additional cost.

The gift is a branded beach mat that customers can use at the beach, picnics, music fests, and other outdoor gatherings. It is branded with Somersby logo in the middle, making it easier to remember the brand name. Although many people cannot go out to experience the beach due to the pandemic, this gift can still be a great way to look forward to their next summer or camping with friends.


What Makes this Summer Drinks Promotion Stand Out?

Eye-Catching POP display

We find this summer drinks promotion simple yet very engaging. Somersby Cider is manufactured by Danish brewery, Carlsberg. We learned of their promotion after seeing their menu display. It has a wooden base, which features Carlberg’s iconic Hop leaf logo, and a clear plastic display that allows merchandisers to easily change the poster.

Using a menu stand is a smart move. When seated at a bar or restaurant, our attention tends to wander. Without nothing to do, we often scan displays and even posters to pass the time while waiting for our food and drinks to be served. By using your menu stands to advertise important announcements, promotions, and other important messages, you are able to create an instant connection with your customers. This is why Somersby’s campaign is simple, yet so effective.



Relevant Gift

Another reason this promotion works is that they have chosen the appropriate gift to offer their customers. Summer means vacation at the beach or picnic with friends at the park. But since many of us cannot go out to enjoy the waves due to the pandemic, the custom giveaway item can still be used at home. This is perfect for a barbecue night with family in your yard.

Summer Drinks Promotion

Summer Drinks Promotion



When it comes to summer promotions, beverage companies usually offer items such as promotional towels, drawstring bags, tote bags, and custom branded sunglasses. It is rare to see them offer a beach mat as a gift with purchase. This is why we believe people will remember Somersby for their unique gift.

As seen from our example, it features the drinks’ logo to further enhance their brand recall.

Summer Drinks Promotion

Summer Drinks Promotion


A Win-Win for Both the Brand and the Customers

This is a win-win for both the brand and the customers. Aside from incentivizing buyers, such promotions can give brands a great opportunity to increase their sales and build a stronger market base. Many people think that offering free items will cost them a lot. But what they do not know is that the ROI could be much greater than the production cost.


Contact ODM

Were you inspired by this example? You, too, can be successful with your summer promotions. How? The first step is to work with a competitive sourcing agency that can help you from product ideation all the way through manufacturing and shipping. One such company is ODM Group.

If you are in need of professional help designing and sourcing your custom promotional products for your next campaign, then do not hesitate to contact our team!


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