This branded beach bat by Heineken represents a fantastic option for many companies to adopt. Heineken have implemented a unique advertising strategy here, by offering two beach bats with the companies name and logo upon it. Below we will highlight why this is an excellent marketing strategy on their part.

Branded Beach Bat Set by Heineken

Branded Beach Bat Set by Heineken

Why is a branded beach bat a good idea?

These items are perfect for promotions because they offer large space for a company name or brand to be print upon it. In this case, the Heineken brand is clear to see and read. Moreover, the material used to make the bats will provide excellent printing clarity. Additionally, beach bats are often used in environment where many people are present. Therefore due to its branding,a branded beach bat has the potential to be exposed to a huge audience. This will create huge brand awareness and recognition amongst avid beach goers.

These seasonal items will be perfect for both giveaways and gift with purchases in the summertime. They will make a fine addition to any companies promotion portfolio. So why not promote your brand with a practical summer promotional product such as this? With summer coming up, plan your promotions ahead of time now.

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