Jerseys and T-shirts are among the most popular promotional products used for brand activation, but not the least effective. Due to how applicable they are to the everyday person, they can serve as one of the best ways  to increase popularity of your brand.

Brand Activation - Sky Free Premiership Jersey

Brand Activation – Sky Free Premiership Jersey

Sky sports is a group of sports television channels, the dominant subscription television sports brand in the United Kingdom  and Ireland. But being the leader of the market does not imply you can stop investing in brand activation. On the contrary, you should make even more efforts and do your best to attract new customers and gain customer loyalty.

Sky sports strategy to give a gift of a Premier jersey upon joining its bundle was a perfect marketing decision.

Why is this brand activation campaign effective?

  • The campaign slogan FREE today creates an imagine of a quick and absolute benefit – you can get at it only right now, right here, and without any charge.
  • The ability to choose the favorite football team jersey is an competitive advantage, especially in Great Britain where football is a favorite sports game, and the Premiership is a national pride, and probably every citizen in this country has a team to support – Manchester United, Arsenal, New Castle, Liverpool, Manchester City and others.
  • Target audience: the bound of TV-channels dedicated to sports offer football jerseys to their potential watchers – football fans. Probably, part of them was going to subscribe to the Sky sports to watch the Premiership anyway, and maybe also was going to buy the jersey – so why not doing it right now and get a pleasant bonus?

In summary, the Sky Sport’s brand activation campaign is great since it is made for the target audience, it provides a clear and obvious benefit, and also not the only option is proposed, but the ability to choose.

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