It’s best to enjoy a beer served chilled, and when the sun is hot it can be hard to keep those bottles cold. Therefore these ice buckets would make the perfect summer promotions idea for drinks and alcohol companies in particularly. Be it for use at parties, events, at the beach or just to enjoy in your garden!

Summer Promotions Idea - Branded Ice Bucket

Summer Promotions Idea – Branded Ice Bucket

Here are examples of some branded buckets from big beer companies such as Budweiser, Bud Light and Heineken spotted at this years Canton Fair. Ice buckets such as these are made from metal, usually aluminium providing a light weight solution and an easier way to carry around. Metal is also a great conductor, which is super beneficial for keeping those beers even cooler without the ice melting.

There are plenty of designs for ice buckets, they can help increase brand awareness because they can be used in so many places and can exposure your brand to so many different people. Being customisable as well, allows this product to have great branding potential.

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