We can’t get enough of Heineken’s customized branded beer tower for St. Patrick’s Day. The custom beer towers are decked in Heineken’s trademark color and green hats. The novelty of the beer dispenser is a critical selling point.

Branded Beer Tower

Branded Beer Tower

Not only do the beer towers dispense beer, but they are also a great place to showcase your creativity in advertising. You can customize them any way you want. Even the beer tap handle can be custom designed to suit your branding needs.

Here is another excellent St. Patrick’s Day promotion by Heineken last year. They went all out by giving away green merchandise to go with their theme. It was indeed a fun event.

Even though COVID 19 prevented people from celebrating this fun event this year, it did not stop Heineken from spreading positive vibes with their themed branded beer tower. With a green felt hat on top of each beer tower, customers are reminded of the special holiday. And even though they cannot spend the day drinking with friends, they can always have Heineken at home with their family.


Why this Branded Beer Tower Makes a Great Marketing Strategy?

Beer towers not only function as drink dispensers but they also work as an effective POS display at pubs and restaurants. A large part of beer sales are done in bars and restaurants, so it only makes sense to have these custom beer towers as your marketing display. Its ability to be customized is what makes them an ideal addition to your venue. Even the handles can be custom designed to give their beer tower a character.

Branded Beer Tower

Branded Beer Tower

Heineken did a great job using the beer tower as a custom beer display and decorating it with a green hat is also a fantastic way to sustain the interest of customers. The beer tower became the focal point of the venue, drawing in customers who might be wondering what the hats are for.


What Beer Ambassadors Can Learn from Heineken’s Branded Beer Tower

Entice Customers with Color: Colors play an important role in making your promotion stand out. By sticking to their trademark colors, Heineken creates top-of-mind awareness right at the point of sale.

Clear Message: No lengthy marketing copy or elaborate display, but we definitely got Heineken’s brand message right away. The moment customers see the green beer tower, they recognize the brand instantly.

Branded Beer Tower

Branded Beer Tower

Drive Impulse Purchase: When faced with so many choices, many people tend to make appearance-based decisions. Which is why your packaging and your point of sale display matter. People are visual creatures. We easily choose products that are visually appealing. With that said, we believe that Heineken has done a great job impressing customers by using customized beer towers.

Decorative Piece: Beer towers also make an excellent decorative piece at the bar. When seated at a bar, our attention tends to wander. We immediately notice items that are unique. A branded beer tower is sure to catch anyone’s attention, so why not make your brand pop with this beer marketing idea?

If you want to see another excellent beer tower example, then check out Carlsberg‘s one here:


Heineken did a fantastic job promoting their brand through its branded beer tower. Not only are they functional, but they also provide merchandisers a venue to be creative in marketing drinks. If you are considering using a branded beer tower for your next beer promotion, level up your branding by customizing their shapes. This will catch more attention as they add flair to your display.


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