Chang Beer Thailand has been selling their beer towers on their promotional merchandise website, specifically targeting at UK residents.  Chang Beer can certainly benefit from such exposure and increase the visibility of their beer, but it seems like a tough sell given that these will be given away for  free to bars and most people will drink from towers there.

Beer Tower Supplier

We also suggest different shapes for beer towers to capture more attention.. For example, they can take the shape of a trophy, to support the success of the sports clubs they sponsor.

Alternatively, messages printed on beer towers can be interesting enough to make customers bring them home. Having beer towers at home will be very convenient and presentable for parties.    Think about colour changing Thermochromic ink for added effect.

Some links to help you in brainstorming some interesting promotional products for your business!

What do you think would be suitable messages on beer towers? Share with us what you are working on or hope to work on in the future!