Stubby holders are relatively popular in the drinks industry. Applicable to all tropical countries, they keep drinks chilled and hence retain the optimal taste of the drink. This is especially important for beers, as the temperature greatly affects its taste.

Have a look at Singha Beer’s stubby holders for one of its recent promotional events!

Beer Promotional Products

Do you think it is more interesting for Singha Beer to make a full colour print on the stubby holders, or do you like the simplicity and contract of this 1C print?  Comments..

ODM are innovating to enhance the function of the stubby holder with our very own 4-in-1 Coolzee!    Our 4-in-1 Coolzee will be very useful for all beer bottles and cans as it comes with a can opener and bottle opener!

ODM's 4-in-1 Coolzee

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