Many customers are asking us to also provide more solutions for carrying drinks around, to sell along with our beer/drinks inventions.. Plastics, Neoprene, Non Woven drinks holders all offer different advantages re. advertising space for logo, thermal insulation, rigidity, folding/storing after use.

Below are some of our favourites…

Beer Bottle Holders

Bring this convenient beer bottle holder and party in style. It is capable to firmly hold up to 6 beer bottles of various sizes. Furthermore, with a handle in place, travelling comfortably is made easy. The holder too serves as an advertisement and promotes brand names with its customizable color and imprints.

Drinks holders come in a variety of different materials to keep drinks secure and temperature controlled for the summer..

4 in 1 Cup Holder

This interesting cup holder can hold up to 4 cups of beverage.  We developed this product as a substitute for paper holders which tend to get flimsy when wet and are not reusable/recyclable.

4 functions consist of:

  1. Integrated handle to hold 4 plastic cups
  2. Foldable to smaller form for pocket storage
  3. Recyclable and Reusable
  4. Advertisement (Customizable for logos, brand name, etc…)


Coolzee is among ODM’s most widely sought after products.  This Stubby Holder is built specially for your enjoyment. The neoprene bottle cooler keeps beer bottles chilled. More interesting designs for the bottle are available such as the jersey bottle koolzie.


No matter what your preference for transporting drinks, ODM supply a wide range of drinking trays, inflatable beer holders, Cooler bags, buckets and a variety of other bottle holders.